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Posted By: Mr Happy
20-Jan-08 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: 3rd EasterMudFolk PeakDistrict:Come on!21-24 Mar
Subject: 3rd EasterMudFolk PeakDistrict:Come on!
The previous threadthread.cfm?threadid=90241#1708520
was getting a bit long, so details of this year's all-in freeforall music & song gathering in the Peaks will continue here.

Mrs Happy's extreme mountain marauders will be joining the melee of musicians, siners, & closet alcoholics for this season's Easter debacle.

The opposing teams so far consist of:

Siners & Musicians

Mr Happy: Melodeon,whistles,gob irons, guitar,kazoo, vocals
Mrs Happy: Fiddle, wooden spoons, shaky eggs [aaaaargh!]
Cindy: Mandolin,Bass recorder, banjo, guitar, vocals
Jim: Guitar, banjo, vocals
Wiggy: Quatro, banjo, vocals
Anna: Flute, guitar, recorder, vocals
Phil: guitar
Marilyn: Flute, guitar, vocals
MandoTim: Mandolin, guitar [& prob piles've other stuff we don't know about!], vocals
Banjo Ray: '& 'e played all night on the fiddle & the banjo!'
PMB [aka Mr Burke?] A cornucopia of musical delights to numerous to list, but including fiddle & flute, vocals?

Plodders up 'ill & down dale

Mrs Happy
Barbara & John
Diane & Tim

Hopefully, others who've joined us in previous years will be able to attend this time as well, such as Grab, John J, etc