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Posted By: Lowden Jameswright
20-Jan-08 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar
Subject: RE: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar........
Now if we're talking buying on the basis of very favourable exchange rate dollar-wise I agree it's a wise purchase; especially if you can get the guitar at US prices, but I've not yet seen a dealer offering to pass the savings over to the customer. I accept I'm not the cutest when it comes to haggling a deal - I'm a bit of a pussy cat in that regard. I should take you with me John; sounds like you know how to charm the discount out of the dealer!

As for the Lowden - it wasn't the look or the logo that attracted me, but the sound of the thing; it had been cruelly abused and looked like a battered dog. I took pity on the poor thing and offered £650 to it's brutal owner. He needed the cash (said he had 12 kids to support - no joke) and I regarded it as a steal.