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Posted By: Richard Bridge
21-Jan-08 - 05:46 AM
Thread Name: guitars for women
Subject: RE: guitars for women
It does depend on the sound you want. If you want "big thud" you are not going to get it out of any small-bodied guitar, no matter how fine. You may get loud (my Martin OM-1 does that) or you may get "sweet" (I have a friend with a Lamacq that does that) but you will not get the big thud.

Big thud = dreadnought or jumbo.

If you want the sound, you will have to have the size.

In terms of value for money if you shop carefully you mght get a good Daion or Mugen (second hand) for that price (eg £300 to £400) and allow another fifty to a hundred for a good setup and maybe a Bridge Doctor) which will sound a lot more expensive than any of the mid-prices from Canada (eg Garrison or Seagull) or Australia (eg Ayers) and to my ears the new East (eg Blueridge, or Indie).

Another undervalued maker is Morris.

There is a WAY overpriced 12-string DAION THE 80 on ebay at the moment. I would suggest a THE 78 for a dreadnought (none listed right now) and there was a set of smaller-bodies, the L999, L99 and L9. There was a Jumbo too, but it is so rare I have never even seen one.

Or if you find a good Yamaha FG360 preferably Nippon Gakki, grab it. The necks are quite small although the lower bout is big even for a dread.

Or a good Suzuki (there was one with some body damage on ebay for about £200 a month or so back) - flatter more finger-style neck than the Yamaha.