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Posted By: PoppaGator
21-Jan-08 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar
Subject: RE: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar........
PoppaGator -- you fled Katrina and left your Martin behind??? Whatever were you thinking?


Well, I've told this story before, but I'll try to recap as briefly as I can:

1) I asked myself the same question, of course, for a very long six-week period until we were allowed back home to inspect the damage. I was fairly confident that the guitar would be OK, and indeed that our entire main-floor living area (elevated one full story above street level) would be high and dry. That is indeed how it turned out, but the month-and-a-half of suspense was no fun.

2) We didn't decide to evacuate until the last minute (Sunday afternoon 8/28/05, about 18-20 hours before landfall 8am Monday), and when we did so, there was a lot of confusion. We were in charge of a hospitalized friend's dog, for one thing. Also, another friend with another dog was going to travel with us, having (miraculously) found a free place for all of us stay not far from town, just north of Lake Pontchartrain. In the haste and confusion, I had taken the guitar case out from under my bed but then left it sitting on top of the bed. My bad.

3) People forget, and many didn't know in the first place, but Katrina really took everyone by surprise. It was NOT a major hurricane until the final couple of days before landfall, and did not look like it would pose any danger at all to areas as far inland as New Orleans until midday Friday. Even after learning how huge it had become, and how quickly, the eventual impact was truly unimaginable.

We had ignored evacuation recommendations for years, and in fact had only ever evacuated for a hurricane once before, just the previous year (for Ivan), and that had turned out to be the usual false alarm, and a huge waste of time and money. The news about Katrina just became so much worse so quickly during the last 36-48 hours before it finally hit that there was not time to think clearly and consider everything. I'm just glad that we were able to reconsider our heartfelt resistance to evacuation, and that we did leave when we did, no matter how hastily and poorly prepared.

Next time, of course ~ if there is a next time ~ we'll be much better prepared and will always remember that we might not be back home right away. All important papers, etc., are now in a strongbox ready to toss in the car, and my one and only musical instrument will certainly be among the very few items considered indespensible when evacuating...that, along with more than two days' worth of underwear!