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Posted By: redsnapper
22-Jan-08 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: guitars for women
Subject: RE: guitars for women
I also have a Yamaha APX10CN. Excellent both acoustically and plugged in which I gig regulary (more than once a week) with as well as my Norman F30 Folk. Both purchased at very reasonable prices secondhand.

These are two of the most pleasing guitars to play I have had in 45 years playing and I have owned Guild, Gibson, Martin, Manson, Lowden and Lakewood guitars as well as "lesser" makes in that time, plus Martin, Eccleshall, Roberts, Hathway, Docherty and Fylde in other instruments (the Fylde has been my favourite of those though not the most expensive). I have repaired and set up most other makes too when I worked in that area.

It all depends on the individual guitar, which is a unique combination of woods and build, and the sound you like, not the make.

Sorry if this doesn't necessarily fit in with some expert proclamations on the subject from others concerning these makes.

As before Rapunzel, you could easily find exactly what you are looking for wellwithin your budget if you bide your time and look around.