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Posted By: Richard Bridge
22-Jan-08 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: guitars for women
Subject: RE: guitars for women
Alas, teh US Dollar price for US guitars tends to be the UK sterling price - so the $585 guitar in the USA is the £585 guitar in the UK, pretty closely.

Seriously, secondhand will save a huge amount. Take time to look at a lot of retail, but simply to educate your ear and decide what you like (the sound, not the name on the headstock). Then start hunting second-hand.

To get an idea of what does what, try Hanks and Andy's in Denmark Street, and Mairantz just off New Oxford Street (but don't buy there). You could also have a look in Rose-Morris, and there are a couple of other shops on and off the Charing Cross Road.

Then start lurking ebay. If something comes up close to you, go and try it out. Gumtree is another possible. Befriend your local luthiers and get them to tell you if something they think you will like turns up.

But above all buy with your ears not your eyes. I know a female player who has a (well, I won't name it, but it is an English luthier's guitar) and she is soooooo proud of it, and I think it sounds like old socks. I know another player who has a Yamaha FG360 he got for very little in a junk shop and it is fully the equal of some very expensive Martins and Tayors I know.