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Posted By: autolycus
23-Jan-08 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
And that's the point, Bill. They are attitudes. Not propositions.

And re your last post, right, it is not subjective to assert that distinction that you made. And it is not purely subjective to take logic to propositions to matters like that, just ss you said.

But thet use of logic is not appropriate for all subjects, and some of us are pointing out subjects where logical analysis aint the way to go. Like quality of life. Or taste preferences, to keep the argument simple.

If logical analysis is your only tool, then the quote comes to my mind,
"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

Amos , thanks for correction. Corrected pascal quote makes my point another way.