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23-Jan-08 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: guitars for women
Subject: RE: guitars for women
The only problem I have found with my Ovation Guitar is that it tended to move about in all directions when I stood up to play.( I do not have a Beer gut)Anyway I have sorted this problem with a simple piece of velcro placed on the back of the guitar.
Another problem is that the barrel back tends to pick up all kinds of little scratches.I use liquid Black shoe polish to re blacken. This does not come off on ones clothes and brings it up lovely.Leave over night once you have applied the polish and be very very careful it does not run over on to the face..
Only When changing strings,I use Olive oil to bring up the wood on the fret board. It does not make the neck slippery.It does not affect the life of the strings or fret wire,s.This is standard pratice with my ovation and it looks and sounds WONDERFUL.
Richard Bridge,Hello. How are You? Having worked for the Imperial War Museum for over 10 years Ive always assumed that the Dreadnought was a class of bloody great Battleships from WW1? Never heard that term of thrase for a guitar before?