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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
07-May-00 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: Help: Pendragon/Druidic Snake patterns
Subject: RE: Help: Pendragon/Druidic Snake patterns
While I think you may be on historically rather shaky ground there, I do see what you mean. I'm not sure that there's much pictorial information to be had on the British/Cymric side, but I think you may find some examination of Pictish designs useful; there are a good few sites of interest out there, including:

Pictish Symbol Stones Database

Pictish Arts Society

Pictish Nation

F. Lennox Campello's  Pictish Drawings

Pictish Heritage Links

The Woad Page  will tell you all you ever wanted to know about...well, woad, and there is some interesting discussion of the historical record where tattoos and so on are concerned, at:  

Period tattoos and body and face decoration.