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Posted By: InOBU
07-May-00 - 01:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
Subject: Lyr Add: THERE'S THE DAY (Cathal McConnell)
Complements of Bill Oachs, here are the words in their entirety...

(Cathal McConnell)

A fitful sleep the landlord had,
'Mid din an' chattin' not of his choosin'.
His daughter till the mornin' light
Abusin' those who sat there boozin'.

CHORUS: There's the day; it's not the day.
It is the day; the night is over.
It's not the day whate'er you say,
And it's only the moon to guide the rover.

Come, landlord, join us in the snug,
All drowsy thoughts of slumber scornin'.
There's not one drop in jar or jug
That we won't drain before the mornin'. CHORUS

I'll stay in bed, the landlord said,
For if I'll get up you'll go out quicker.
So drink your fill of swipes and swill,
But not one drop of my good liquor. CHORUS

This tavern has my socks and shoes,
The landlord has my coat and britches.
By mornin' I've no more to lose,
And I'll go snooze amongst the ditches. CHORUS

But I've money left to treat a friend,
Here's my last guinea upon the table.
Let's tilt the barrel on its end,
And let's be drinkin' whilst we're able. CHORUS

All the best