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Thread Name: Holocaust/shoa songs. In memory.
Subject: RE: Holocaust/shoa songs. In memory.
Es Brent
Also called Undzer Shtetl Brent (Our shtetl burns)
By M. Gebirtig
Accompanying notes say it was written in 1939.
Translation by Rae Mandelbaum
Recorded by Australian band Spielazoi on their album, Shtetl.

Es brent briderlekh, s'brent
Oy undzer orem shtetl nebech brent
Beyze vintn mit yirgozn
Raysn brechn un tseblozn
Shtarker noch di vilde flamen
Altz arum shoin brent

Un ir shteyt un kukt azoi zich
Mit farlegte hent
Un ir shteyt un kukt azoi zich
Undzer shtetl brent

Es brent briderlekh, es brent
Di hilf iz nor in aich aleyn gevendt
Oyb dos shtetl iz aich tayer
Nemt di keylim lesht dos fayer!
Lesht mit ayer eygn blut
Bavayzt, az ir dos kent

Shteyt nit brider ot azoy zich
Mit farlegte hent
Shteyt nit brider lesht dos fayer
Undzer shtetl brent.

It burns brothers, it burns
Our poor unfortunate shtetl burns.
Raging winds are fanning the wild flames
Tearing, breaking and scattering everything
Stronger still are the raging flames
Everything around is burning.

And you stand by and you watch
with folded arms.
You stand and look on passively
while our town is burning.

It burns brothers, it burns.
Help depends on you alone
and if the shtetl is dear to you
take the utensils and extinguish the fire!
Put it out with your own blood,
show that you can do it.

Brothers, don't stand there like this
With folded arms.
Don't just stand brothers, put out the fire!
Our shtetl burns!