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Posted By: GUEST,Gerry
24-Jan-08 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: Holocaust/shoa songs. In memory.
Subject: RE: Holocaust/shoa songs. In memory.
Mention should be made here of the album, Partisans of Vilna, The Songs of World War II Jewish Resistance, Flying Fish FF 70450. Here's a track listing:

1. S'Iz Geven A Zumertog (It Was a Summer Day)
2. Yisrolik
3. Unter Dayn Vayse Shtern (Under Your White Stars)
4. Yid, Du Partizaner (You Jewish Partisan)
5. Blayene Platn (Lead Printing Plates)
6. Itzik Vitnberg
7. Shtiler, Shtiler (Quiet, Quiet)
8. Zemlyanka (Dugout)
9. Tsu Eyns, Tsvey, Dray (It's One, Two, Three)
10. Dos Meydl fun Vald (The Girl from the Forest)
11. Shtil Di Nakht (A Quiet Night)
12. Zog Nit Keynmol (Never Say)

The recordings are in Yiddish, the liner notes give only the English translations.