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Posted By: Bruce O.
27-Feb-98 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Coolin/Cuilin
Subject: RE: Coolin/Cuilin
I don't remember much about what was in a book of Ferguson's songs and poems that I turned up in the Library of Congress. I hunted for, but never found, a song "Druimion Donn Delis" that he is said to have translated from Gaelic. All too often I've seen English songs from Ireland that say 'translated from the Gaelic' or the like, with never a mention of where to find an old copy in Gaelic.
"Coolun" might well have been originally a Gaelic song. Posibly even resembling the English one, but literal and metrical translations are often nearly unrecognizable as from the same original.
My Gaelic dictionary has no words 'coo---'. Colu/n is column or pillar, and doesn't seem to make any sense. That "Lady of the Desert" is still a mystery to me too. Thanks for the info on O'Sullivan's Bunting edition. O'Sullivan sometimes found verses among Bunting's MSS, and gave them, and he also found old songs elsewhere. O'Sullivan was mostly very good, but on some occasions his comments were just ridiculous.