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Posted By: Mrrzy
26-Jan-08 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: A Call To Arms (Anne Lister)
Subject: Lyr Add: A Call To Arms (Anne Lister)
by Anne Lister (Tabster) on Waiting For The Hero

Arise, arise you lost gods and heroes
Your sleep is over, it's time to stand
We need your strength and we need your courage
It's time to rescue a fading land
This is no battle as you have known it
The times have changed now and so has war
Your shields and swords alone cannot defend us
No kind of challenge you have faced before.

What we face now is a slow erosion
The land is slipping slowly out of sight
We walk on concrete, drive metalled roadways
We blind the stars with our man-made light
We live in boxes separate from each other
We find so many ways to close our minds
The air, the sea and the rivers poisoned
We're sowing seeds of a different kind.

I want to walk the green lanes and hedgerows
And feel the heart beating fierce and strong
I want to stand deep in central London
And hear the notes of a skylark's song
I want to feel we have reconnected
The highest branches to the deepest spring
I want to re-tell the myths and stories
And hear the tales that the dragons sing.

A different world now, the towns and cities
Where money talks so loud that no one hears
And information means we all know nothing
And no one notices truth disappear.
I call you now you lost gods and heroes
To stand beside me and make a stand
Those who've heard the faint call of Logres
Put the heart back inside our land.