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Posted By: Tim Leaning
29-Jan-08 - 01:32 PM
Thread Name: Transfering mini disc to cd
Subject: RE: Transfering mini disc to cd
I use mini disc a lot for song writing purposes.
I find that I have to upload in real time to the hard drive using Adobe audition or a similar program.
Then edit as mentioned in previous post.
I do know however that there were some MD recorders made that in an attempt to match the MP3 players for speed were able to do this at higher speeds.
So if you have one of those your time would be saved if the quality didnt deteriorate too much.
I know these existed because I had just bought my own MD recorder,which I wouldnt be without,and the very next week saw one of these gadgets in Curries.
I had to buy a tiny little powered mic for mine too.£50 at the time.
Bloody good little clip mic am dreading losing it or snapping the wire though.