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Posted By: Bill D
04-Feb-08 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
*grin*..well, neatly compressed and avoided what I said about rationality. I didn't suggest for a second that YOU 'ignored bad rationality'.....neither do I. I have fought it for many years.
   What I said was "you tend to ignore the ability of minds which are emotionally committed to a viewpoint to USE bad rationality ...etc." ...which is a VERY different point.

It pains me to feel like I need to occasionally critique those I basically agree with, but unless we are content to an interminable "yes you do" "no I don't" shouting match, we need to temper the FORM of our debate a bit.

Old Peanuts cartoon:

Lucy, talking to Linus: "Change your mind!"
Linus just looks at her.
Linus looks more intimidated...

Lucy, walking away, disgruntled and mumbling."Boy, it's hard to get people to change their minds these day!"