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Posted By: Riginslinger
05-Feb-08 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
A perfect example of how the deluded make life miserable for the rest of us.

            Mike Huckabee, thinking Mormonism is a cult, and not realizing that Baptism is no different, stays in the Republican race and takes Virginia away from Romney, helping to insure a McCain win for the nomination.

            Huckabee's inability to see that the world is more than six-thousand years old, combined with his failure to grasp the reality that Baptism is a cult too, deprives voters in November from casting a vote for Romney. They get John-all-war-all-the-time-McCain, or a Democrat.