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Posted By: Leprechaun
28-Feb-98 - 04:10 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Tim Finnegan's / Finigan's Wake
Subject: Biddy O'Brien and Tim Finnegan?
I just looked up a thread from early December having to do with Katy Avourneen. Having encountered the word in "Finnegan's Wake," (the song)I had injected a question about the meaning of "avourneen," and several people informed me that it means "darling" or "little darling." To me, this sheds light on the battle (shillelagh law was all engaged and a row and a ruction soon began) which seemed to start because Patty McGee took offense to Biddy O'Brien's comment, "Tim avourneen, why did you die?"

Does this suggest to anybody else that Biddy O'Brien and Tim might have had some sort of adulterous relationship?