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Posted By: Ebbie
07-Feb-08 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Well, I have finally caught up with reading this thread(these threads) in its entirety. It's been interesting, to say the least. I would guess that my views will fall harmlessly into the void but I want to express them anyway. I don't get any Brownie points for all this reading so surely I deserve my say? *g*

A coupld of thoughts, first: Rig, as well as others, talks about a Christian feeling that s/he can do anything because after all, the act is forgiven. I suspect that any Christian theologian would say that only the forgiveness is without stint. The consequences of said sin may be inexorable.

As to whether a zygote or embryo is already human, as NickHere contends, let me note that we announce "I'm going to be a father!" or "You're going to be a grandmother!" Until the baby is born, we don't say, "I'm a mother" or "You are a grandfather."

Mrrzy asks, "Did you ever read Lord of the Flies", thereby plucking the strings of one of my pet peeves. I would respond: It is fiction. No one knows the end result in reality of such a situation.

To go on:

I expect that any person over the age of 5, say, is familiar with the feeling of love, whether for their SO, their child, their home or community, or whatever. I, personally, don't believe that it partakes more than tangentially of the fierce motherhood or even the need(s) of reproduction that we accept are in all nature. If it were more than that, I think we would be content with achieving the safety and full belly of our offspring. So from what does this love stem?

I suppose that the spiritual can exist without a god. The concept, however, gives me the feeling of floundering. Just can't quite get my head around it, mostly because if there is a spiritual aspect to life, one is agreeing to the existence of spirit and where does that lead one to but back to the transcendant, to a god forsooth.

And if there is a god or gods, it doesn't seem that far a leap to believing that there is a supreme being.

That said, I don't have a clue as to whether there is a personal god. I find it difficult to believe that a god cares whether it rains on me or if I am able to catch my bus. (I do know that I believe that if there is a God, that entity does not endorse or even recognize the borders of neighboring countries {Which is why I have a problem with jingoism}.

Speaking of God as an entity reminds me that I do NOT believe that God is a HE nor a SHE; I see no reason to believe that God has either a penis or ovaries. If God is anything, it is a spirit. Unless there isa a dimension of being that we don't yet know.

There. Now this thread can die. Or live on into infinity... :)