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Posted By: Mrrzy
08-Feb-08 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Bill D - we'd be in a continued state of whining, pleading and complaining to and about such a deity. - isn't that the description of being prayerful, asked with tongue only slightly in cheek? Oh, never mind, now that I've read farther, you say so yourself.

Here is something I've asked this on the "other" thread, but would like to repeat here: Suppose you have 2 people, both of whom are anti-(pick a group, my example was homosexuals), one for religious reasons, one for other, secular reasons. Is the first one's (what I would call bigotry) to be respected because it's part of their religion? Is the second one just bigoted? Would your REASON for your prejudice matter, depending on whether it fell under what is called "freedom of religion" or not? Thanks.