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Posted By: Janie
09-Feb-08 - 01:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Hi Mom,

Just popping in for a minute. Was looking for a break from three nights trying to do what needs done to enroll as a provider for Medicaid and assorted insurances. But been from home so long, I'm as lost here as I was in the stacks of applications, certifications and confusing websites.

No. Wait. I think I can sum up what I've missed, at least over the past few days. Some one at the Legion Hall urinated at Rap's keyboard while Amos was in the attic getting fiberglass down the back of his underwear and he was in the attic cuz Mmario set ululating wolves on him, then Rap started speaking in tongues and Maggie wrote a program to get everybody straightened out then, being the wise woman she is, gave up and took a walk to clear her head, only she wound up at the Legion Hall and he dogs started ululating, or maybe Amos was the ululant, what with the fiberglass in his underwear and all, and maggie was knitting the family shield and dropped some stitches while working on the argent and Leo said nevermind, then like a good fairy or a bewildered space traveller, Suegorgeous apparated in and gave Mmario a nice cup of tea while fixing Rap's posting iron, whatever that is.

OK! Good. Glad I've got it all straight and am right on the same page with the rest of yous.

Mom, send money.



Love to all.