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Posted By: Rapparee
11-Feb-08 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Sir, you have won the free spin!

Farewell, Mother
Music: "Just Before The Battle, Mother"

Just before the battle, mother,
I was drinking mountain dew,
When I saw the "Rebels" marching,
To the rear I quickly flew;
Where the stragglers were flying,
Thinking of their homes and wives;
'Twas not the "Reb" we feared, dear mother,
But our own dear precious lives.

CH: Farewell, mother! for you'll never
See my name among the slain.
For if I only can skeddaddle,
Dear mother, I'll come home again.

I hear the bugle sounding, mother,
My soul is eager for the fray.
I guess I'll hide behind some cover,
And then I shall be O.K.
Discretion's the better part of valor,
At least I've often heard it you say;
And he who loves his life, dear mother,
Won't fight if he can run away.


Sir, you have also won on your second try!

Answer to "My Maryland"
Music: "Maryland, My Maryland"

The Rebel feet are on our shore,
Maryland, my Maryland!
I smell 'em half a mile or more,
Maryland, my Maryland!
Their shockless hordes are at my door,
Their drunken generals on my floor,
What now can sweeten Baltimore?
Maryland, my Maryland!

Hark to our noses' dire appeal,
Maryland, my Maryland!
Oh unwashed Rebs, to you we kneel!
Maryland, my Maryland!
If you can't purchase soap, oh steal
That precious article -- I feel
Like scratching from the head to heel,
Maryland, my Maryland!

You're covered thick with mud and dust,
Maryland, my Maryland!
As though you'd been upon a bust,
Maryland, my Maryland!
Remember, it is scarcely just,
To have filthy fellow thrust
Before us, till he's been scrubbed fust,
Maryland, my Maryland!

I see no blush upon thy cheek,
Maryland, my Maryland!
It's not been washed for many a week,
Maryland, my Maryland!
To get thee clean -- 'tis truth I speak --
Would dirty every stream and creek,
From Potomac to Chesapeake,
Maryland, my Maryland!

Oops, sorry sir! You didn't win the last spin, and in fact you owe the house five hundred US dollars! But remember, sir, two out of three ain't bad!

Would you like to try again?