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Posted By: Stringsinger
12-Feb-08 - 12:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Hi Georgian Silver,

You state:

"God made is given free-will by God, man(and woman) procreate to make man and instill him with his education, starting with the family"

You will be hard put to prove this assertion.

Man made your god, and the problem with free-will is this....can your god be benevolent and omnipotent at the same time? If he gives man free will to deviate from his commandments then he is not omnipotent to change his/her behavior. If he condemns them for not following his commandments the way he likes and punishes them, he is just mean. If he can not change their behavior, then he is not omnipotent.

You state:

" are suggesting that God made homosexuals the way they are...I disagree..I suggest that parents made the child and parents/environment made him/her what he/she is."

You would also be hard put to prove this assertion as well. Clinical studies have shown
that sometimes the parental environment has no effect on a child's behavior. Many nice parents have brought up not-nice kids, for example. Parents do not always influence a child's behavior in the way that they would like it.

" I don't assume sins...I am also not superior to anyone...I also love my neighbour as best I can.....What is known as scripture has been around for thousands of years and it is not my cherrypicked interpretation."

What is known of the "scripture" has been edited, rewritten, and radically changed through thousands of years, first taken down by illiterate scribes and then revamped by political church figures who changed the text to fit their own personal agendas. Constantine and King James come to mind.

" Because you lack the knowledge needed to understand a Christian stance you believe that you can join those who choose to try to disprove the existence of has succeeded yet..I gravely doubt that you will either."

There is a logical fallacy that states, "you can't prove a negative". A "Christian stance"
is certainly not monolithic and there are many Christians who say contradictory things.
Christianity is a new religion comparitively that borrows many of its parables and teachings from older religions and deities. Much of what happens in the bible can be
traced back to other myths and legends historically. The bible is also a mass of contradictions, statements that are conflicted and were not written by the Apostles
who put their names on the New Testament. These mythic apostles would have been
long gone by the time that the treatises that bear their name were written. They were undoubtably written by other people, official clergy or scribes who were unclear as to what they were copying.

I was oddly enough once a Christian until I realized that this was an untenable position
to take in a rational scientific world. I studied the bible a little and also studied the Torah and became interested in comparitive religions. I have read the Ghita and some of the Koran. I delved a little into Buddhism as well. I see similarities in many of these tenets. I think that there is no evidence for any of the information of these respective texts to be any more than myths, stories and hearsay.

I think that it's ok for people to believe whatever they want as long as their beliefs are not forced upon the general public.

Frank Hamilton