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Posted By: Bill D
13-Feb-08 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
Subject: RE: BS: Still no gods 2008 (continued)
It is important to understand that the various versions of 'the' Bible were assembled from many sources, passed thru several translations by 'scholars' of different degrees of skill...and with various personal agendas.

Much of the New Testament, in particular, was circulated in Rome after being translated into what my college history prof. called "dockyards Greek": a simplistic format dumbed down for the mostly uneducated working classes. This linguistic jumble was redone and tinkered with many times...with the King James bible being the most 'accepted' version for many years. Many, many important terms and concepts were only vaguely understood and were carelessly treated over the years.

I suppose it's just fortunate that Jesus didn't have anything specific to say about the defination of 'folk'.