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Posted By: Little Hawk
14-Feb-08 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: The Battle of New Orleans
Subject: RE: The Battle of New Orleans
Interesting battle. It shows how badly wrong things can go when an army stubbornly and unimaginatively attempts to attack a well-prepared defence line over open ground and wholly unsuitable terrain. On that occasion it was the British who screwed up in that fashion.

They should have known better, because back in the Hundred Years War they did the same kind of thing (but in reverse) to the French several times at battles like Agincourt, Crecy, and Poitiers, where outnumbered English armies used archers in well-prepared defensive lines to slaughter almost unbelievable numbers of attacking Frenchmen. The English might lose a hundred or so men in such a battle, while the French would lose ten thousand! Even worse for the attackers than at New Orleans.

Courage cannot overcome a complete failure in tactics.