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14-Feb-08 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: The Battle of New Orleans
Subject: RE: The Battle of New Orleans
Black Hawk:

Written in 1936
Or did you mean '56? Maybe that's a typo.
Mr. Driftwood was probably alive in '36, but if so, quite young. A twenty-plus-year gap between composition and recording seems a bit much...

RCA Victor recorded 1957 & released June 1958 Jimmie, I assume? I guess you're telling us that Jimmie Driftwood did record and release his song as a single that was not widely heard ~ except, of course, by the two artists who made hits of the song in '59.

I'll have to look up that biography!

I don't believe the word "bloody" would have disqualified a song for US radio airplay, even in the most puritanical years of the 1950s, but "hell" may have done the trick. In the UK, on the other hand, "bloody" was probably even more offensive than "hell."