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Posted By: Brendy
11-May-00 - 01:32 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
Depending on what kind of keyboard you have, try Alt Gr + the key for \ or the ` key.

Angun (sorry, Angun - I have subliminally been reading your name as Audun) probably has the same kind of keyboard as me; a Norwegian one which gives the extra letters å ø æ. But you should, I think have a key for the french grave accent, as the one up there.

Other than that open your main word processor's options/preferences section (if you have MS Word you can 'programme' your keystrokes from here) It takes a bit of uncovering but once you do it, you wont (hopefully) have to do it again

Áine, I think, has to put a lot of code in between letters to make hers work(I THINK).

The Alt Gr +`may work, but by rights you should be able to do it quite easily. Computers were never meant to be that much hard work, were they?
Mess around with your Alt Gr key in association with other keys. The results can be quite funny sometimes!!
And you may come across it by mistake.