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Posted By: Slag
16-Feb-08 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: Discussion: Universal Soldier
Subject: RE: Universal soldier and Codine
It's like, "What part of 'Universal' don't you understand?": premise of the song being that the soldier, regardless of whose army he belongs to is the key component in the ability to make war. What an ideal world it would be without him.

In reality the soldier has a gun pointed at his back making sure he points his gun to the guy in front of him. It the rock and a hard place. And what do you do about a group of *$*&@! who collude together to make war against you whether you care for war or not?

Mass graveyard are filled with the bones of those who didn't want someone else's war. What are you going to do?

And speaking of codeine (one of the few things I have that counters chronic migraine headaches) does anybody remember Andy Warhol's group? I think they were named The Plastic Inevitables. One of the songs off the Banana Album (remember the zipper? Is that right?) was Heroine. And then there was a song I believe was called Cocaine Katie and the only line from it I remember was "...Cocaine Katie was a weird old lady..."

I'm shootin' from the hip on these. I haven't tried to look them up. How's YOUR memory?