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Posted By: open mike
16-Feb-08 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yodeling Ghost (from Patsy Montana)
Subject: Lyr Add: YODELING GHOST (from Patsy Montana)
(change title to lyric add...)

how do you spell yodel-ese?!

Yodeling Ghost by Patsy Montana

Everybody in the valley
Has a strangest tale to tell
A story of a haunted house
And a ghost they all knew well

Well they tell the tale of a yodeling ghost
And when the moon is high
You could hear this woman's ghostly wail
But there was no ghost inside

She would yo-oh-oh-del in the cellar
She would yo-oh-oh-del in the hall
When the clock struck midnight
You could hear her best of all

ohhh-oooo ohhh-oo a dee oh

Well the women folk said they believed
It was wind howling through the place
But the men folks all insisted
They could feel her fond embrace

Well the women were a jealous lot
So they burned the old house down
There's nothing left but ashes now
But her yodel is still around

She yo-oh-oh-dels in the valley
She yo-oh-oh-dels in the hill
She yodels til the sun comes up
And everything is still

a dee oh lo-dee oh...