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Posted By: Little Hawk
16-Feb-08 - 04:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I've been saying for years on this forum that there is a virulent strain of anti-intellectualism woven deeply through American culture. It can be found in the macho stereotypes perpetuated in movies, TV, and popular entertainment generally....and in the form of dumbass or folksy politicians like Bush or Reagan who get elected...while more cerebral ones like Adlai Stevenson, Al Gore, or Dennis Kucinich get rejected.

Who is the bad guy in most Hollywood thrillers? The intellectual guy. Who is the good guy? The homespun man of action.

This does not help to produce an intelligent society or an enlightened helps to produce the new Fascism (in my opinion). The Fascists hated intellectuals too, because intellectuals tend to ask questions. All authoritarian systems despise intellectuals (except the few who will toe the party them "pet" intellects in service of the system).


Rapaire - Chongo's moral sensibilities? Well...

- Ya don't hit a woman. Try and treat 'em nice at all times, if possible. Be courteous. It's true that in the old movies ya used to have to slap a dame if she went snap her out of it...but that behaviour ain't kosher no more. Times have changed. Keep this in mind at all times. If a man goes hysterical...slap him!

- Ya don't hurt children.

- Ya don't break the law...unless not breakin' it would cause more harm than breakin' it. That's a judgement call ya got to make for yerself.

- If ya gotta slap a witness around some to get him to squeal, don't overdo it. Just slap him around enough so he talks. No need to go overboard.

- Save yer brass knuckles for when ya really need 'em.

- Same for the Tommy Gun. An ordinary handgun will do for most situations. It's ostentatious to use a Tommy Gun when a handgun will do.

- If ya gotta lie, make it a good one.

- If ya gotta shoot someone, make sure not to waste yer ammo. Kill him stone dead with the first shot and save the rest, cos you might need it. He might have friends in the neighborhood.

- Never give a gorilla credit for bein' smarter than he looks. Usually it's the other way around.


Anti-intellectualism goes over pretty big with chimps too, come to think of it.