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Posted By: GUEST,wendie
11-May-00 - 11:11 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Dundee Ghost (Matt McGinn)
Subject: ghost of glasgae toon
As a young lass (not that long ago really), I took guitar lessons, and my favourite song was 'ghost of glasgae toon', or something to that effect. I'm dying to find out the rest of the lyrics. The only lines I remember are:

Noo ah dead man seldom walks, and he very rarely talks, and it's no so often ye'll find wan walking aroon, ah but ah'm a refugee, fae a graveyard in dundee, an ah've come to haunt some hooses in glasgae toon, oh oh oh, ah've come to haunt some hooses in glasgae toon.

Apologes need to be made for the incorrectness of the above slang. Very sorry. But if anybody could help with the correct words and the remaining verses, please do.

Thanks a lot.