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Posted By: M.Ted
19-Feb-08 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Camera LCD Gone Bad--What to do?
Subject: Tech: Camera LCD Gone Bad--What to do?
I am not a photographer, but last year, I was given a pocket sized Sony CyberShot, DSC-w100, and I've used it to good effect--at least until I turned it on one day to find the screen showed nothing but unmoving, colored, wavy bands.

I sent the unit in for repair, since it was still under the warranty, and I got a reply to the effect that the LCD had ruptured, which was not covered under the warranty.

They wanted to charge me slightly less than the camera had cost a year ago, and more than a rebuilt unit would cost(the warranty says that, at their discretion, they can give me a new or rebuilt unit rather than repair the original unit).

Does anyone know anything about this problem, its cause, how, or if it can be repaired, and how one might go about getting Sony to honor the warranty?