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Posted By: MK
11-May-00 - 09:01 PM
Thread Name: Santana - The Grammy & Plagiarism???
Subject: Santana - The Grammy & Plagurism???
Hi all.
(I need to know whether I am still rational or have completely lost my mind. Please, no flames. *BG*)

To those of you who have Carlo Santana's Grammy Award winning album "Supernatural", listen carefully the 11th cut on the album called "El Farol".

As soon as the melody kicks in (after the intro) tell me that for the next 8 bars it isn't an almost dead lift including chord changes, of Fly Me To The Moon. It repeats throughout the entire tune.

Have I missed something here, or shouldn't he be getting his ass sued off by someone somewhere????

By the way a most excellent album for the most part. I question his choice of using rappers for some of the the same way my stomach turned hearing Bono (U2) sing a duet with Frank Sinatra. But Carlos's playing as always is truly inspired.