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Posted By: GUEST,Slider
12-May-00 - 05:10 AM
Thread Name: Twelve String Tuning
Subject: RE: Twelve String Tuning
Let's see... Tuning a twelve sting...hmmmmmm... Well, I finally bought one last June,(No, I won't say what brand lest I be banished for being too cheap, I mean Frugal ( although I promise not to bugger the hired help),and was presented with that age-old problem: concert pitch and risk disintegration or use the ancient Chinese tuning called one-step-low and enjoy my new baby for many long seasons. Well, I opted for the later, but use a capo at the second fret. Works for me , but I'm sure that there is some anal retentive socialist out there that wants to set me right about how the use of capos is a result of capitalist blaaa blaaa blaaaa woof woof woof...