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Posted By: MK
12-May-00 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Santana - The Grammy & Plagiarism???
Subject: RE: Santana - The Grammy & Plagurism???
Apparently if you use more than a certain number of notes (or bars? ---can't remember which) you've crossed the line beteen "quoting" and stealing, as far as copyright infringement.

I certainly think that is the case here, but since I don't speak or understand Spanish, for all I know, the title of the song could be "Fly Me To The Moon". (I doubt it though.)

This melody and chord changes just seemed extremely obvious to me upon the very first listen, played it for my wife (who like myself is well versed in jazz standards) and she agreed that it was really really close, so I'm curious as to how it got by so MANY people?