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Posted By: GUEST,Greycap
23-Feb-08 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
Subject: RE: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
This one has never failed me, or the recipient cat.
First, buy a small jar of crab paste, they cost about 40pence in UK.
Take the pill you need to get inside the catfur, wrap it in a small pellet of crab paste, wave the pellet under the cat's nose once or twice... you now have Puss's total & undivided attention.
When Puss moves forward to get at the crab paste, push it away, and tell it that's 'Not yours'.
Place the pellet containing pill and crab paste casually on a nearby surface and giggle as Puss devours both.
It's worked every time for me with many of my feline buddies.