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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
24-Feb-08 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
Subject: RE: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
You can get little pill flicker syringes - they have a plunger at one end and a little pair of pincers to hold the pill at the other. Pushing the plunger will pop the pill out the other end and it's narrow enough to get into a kitty mouth without danger to fingers.

I tuck my kitties under my arm, keeping them firmly in place with my elbow, using my hand to gently pull the head back with a firm grip over the top, thumb and middle finger either side of the mouth. The cat opens its maw, the pill flicker is brought up from behind me, inserted into the gap and deployed. The hand holding the head then releases and strokes the throat to aid swallowing.

Sometimes you can hear the ping as the pill bounces off the opposite wall.