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Posted By: Joe Offer
24-Feb-08 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
Subject: RE: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
I wish this thread had happened two weeks ago.

Our cat has been in need of antibiotics; and nothing we tried, even liver pate', would serve to make the pills palatable.
So, we spent $50 on liquid antibiotics. My wife Christina wrapped Van Gogh in a towel and held him, and I used a syringe to squirt the stuff down the back of his throat. I learned to stick the syringe into the side of his mouth, kind of tickling him there to make him open up.

Christina took him to the vet Friday, and the vet gave a demonstration - grab him by the back of the neck and hold him up a bit, and his mouth will open - then squirt toward the back of his throat. It's quick and easy, and Van Gooey doesn't complain. Oh, and the vet gave us a short, fat syringe instead of the long, skinny one the pharmacy gave. With the long one, I had to spread my fingers far apart to reach the plunger, and that gave me little control. The shorter syringe is much easier to use.

So, we figured out the liquid stuff, but I don't know if Gooey would take to any of the pill-popping methods listed above. I hope it's a long time until we have to do this again. Dogs are no problem, but cats and pills don't mix.