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Posted By: Bat Goddess
24-Feb-08 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
Subject: RE: BS: Getting a cat to take pills!
If you're calm and don't traumatize the cat the first time (basically they traumatize themselves), you can do the jaw thing and poke the pill down their throat before they even notice. It DOES take a little practice sometimes, but really does seem to work best if you're calm, pet or cuddle the cat through the whole procedure, and then don't make a big deal, either, when it goes in okay.

Many years ago I had a young cat that needed dog contraceptives (little blue pill). At that stage of my life (or Foolish's life -- can't remember the exact circumstances any more), it worked best if I ground up the pill between two spoons and then mixed the powder in the spoon with a spoonful of yogurt. Foolish would consistently and enthusiastically lick all of the blue tinted yogurt off the spoon and ask for more.

I don't seem to have problems giving a cat a pill (or a diabetic cat an insulin injection). What seems much more problematic is giving a cat a dose of LIQUID meds.