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Posted By: black walnut
12-May-00 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: Four Equidistant String Dulcimer?
Subject: Four Equidistant String Dulcimer?
My first and only dulcimer teacher is Lorraine Hammond, the marvellous dulcimer player from Boston. Lorraine plays a Dwain Wilder four equidistant string dulcimer. I had my dulcimer made by Dwain as well (it's a beauty!), and it is set up the same as Lorraine's. There are some things that can be done with this configuration that are very appealling to me, including 4 note chords, and a really clear vibrato on any string.

There are very few dulcimer players in Toronto where I live, to begin with, and I don't know of anyone this side of the border who plays dulcimer with this setup. I would be thrilled to find another mudcatter who also plays four equidistant string dulcimer, or at least knows what I'm talking about.....

~black walnut