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Posted By: Mark Cohen
12-May-00 - 11:38 PM
Thread Name: Four Equidistant String Dulcimer?
Subject: RE: Four Equidistant String Dulcimer?
bw, somebody just gave me a dulcimer and it has notches in the nut and bridge so it can be set up either way. I can't recall the make offhand; it's at home and I'm not. Right now it's set up in the standard configuration. I'm just starting out with it, but I'm also learning ukulele, so the dulcimer is just sitting in a corner looking at me most of the time. (As a guitar player, it's a lot easier moving over to the ukulele.) I know the dulcimer book I have mentions the other configuration but I don't recall if there's much more than a mention. Sorry I can't give you much more info than that. If I come across anything else I'll let you know.