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Posted By: GUEST,Chicken Charlie
27-Feb-08 - 05:40 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: All My Trials, Lord
Subject: RE: DTStudy: All My Trials, Lord
Sorry I can't provide references for each and every difference, but one of my inputs was Harry Belafonte, somewhere along the line.

Hush, little baby and don't you cry;
You know your daddy is bound to die.
All my ...

If life were a thing that money could buy,
The rich would live and the poor would die,
And all my trials, Lord, would be forgotten.

Mary wore three links of chain;
On every link/piece was Jesus'/freedom's name.
All my ...

I have a little book with pages three,
And every page spells liberty.

There's one more thing that troubles my mind:
My love/Lord is gone, left me behind.

The one different verse (different chording) I do as:

But it's too late, my Lord, too late, but never mind.
All my trials ....

And the last line is either:
All my sorrows, soon forgotten.
All my trials, soon forgotten.
All my trials soon be over.


PS: Joe, sorry about the blank--I bumped the wrong key. I'm sure you can delete it. Cheers.