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Posted By: manitas_at_work
28-Feb-08 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: AABBAB All together please
Subject: RE: AABBAB All together please
I dunno, Greg, I always found that three or more sets of 48 bar tunes were often needed although I thought nothing of repeating them if really pressed. What really got me, though, was 40 bar tunes (as per versions of the Virgina Reel) - I can only think of Johhny Get your Wife Back at the moment.

Doc.tom, I remember a story about a callers workshop where the question was asked of the tutor - "How do we know what tunes to ask the band for?". The student was told not to worry as the band would know. When it came to practice the lessons the student turned to the band and announced he would call Robin Ddiog - of course the band had no tunes to fit!