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Thread Name: Pete Seeger's Power of Song-PBS, Feb 27
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's Power of Song-PBS, Feb 27
I loved the movie and turned on the television for the first time in three years to see it over again. I don't care for the 'worthy cause" type songs that Pete Seeger has been singing in the last couple of decades, but I admire him greatly and felt deeply moved by the movie, which covered the currents that shaped my life.
   Ron Olesko is ablsolutely right about Pete Seeger's qualities as a person. I can't claim to know him, but I have met him many times in connection with the Clearwater, his performances for the New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club, and the many many benefits he has done for all kinds of worthy causes. He is principled, generous, selfless, and totally charming. He has done more than anyone to get people singing.
   Those who think of the loyalty oath as a formality do not understand the horrors of the anti-communist actions. I was only a child and it would have been dangerous to speak in front of a child who might say something. Only in the 1970's did I start to learn about how it threatened my family and their friends. Someone my parents knew lost his job and could not be rehired, because he was seen in a photograph with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg whom he met only once - only at the party where the photo was taken. Someone else was investigated several times because he had joined some book group - years later someone decided that what they read was "subversive." People who joined their neighbors for a social group found themselves on lists. The Young People's Records which was extremely successful and a delight to many of us folkies who were kids in 1947-1951 was closed down as "subversive." One of my friends whose parents were actually involved told me that Burl Ives was the only one of the folk singers listed above who testified and named names. I will not give my name here, because it still feels dangerous to talk of these things openly.
   The movie did a good job of touching on the many problems that faced our society and the way Pete Seeger brought people together and brought out the best in people.