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Posted By: Jim Dixon
01-Mar-08 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kentucky Babe (Buck, Geibel, 1897)
Subject: Lyr Add: KENTUCKY BABE (Buck, Geibel, 1897)
Here is the original, warts and all. Of course I wouldn't advocate singing it this way today, but I think it's important to document where it came from.

Words, Richard Henry Buck. Music, Adam Geibel.
Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1897.

1. Skeeters am a-hummin' in de honeysuckle vine.
Sleep, Kentucky babe!
Sandman am a-comin' to dis little coon of mine.
Sleep, Kentucky babe!
Silv'ry moon am shinin' in de heabens up above.
Bobolink am pinin' fo' his little lady love.
You is mighty lucky,
Babe of old Kentucky.
Close yo' eyes in sleep.

CHORUS: Fly away. (Fly away.) Fly away, Kentucky babe. Fly away to rest.
Fly away. (Fly away.) Lay yo' kinky, woolly head on yo' mammy's breast.
Um -- Um -- Close yo' eyes in sleep.

2. Daddy's in de canebrake wid his little dog and gun.
Sleep, Kentucky babe!
Possum fo' yo' breakfast when yo' sleepin' time is done.
Sleep, Kentucky babe!
Bogie man'll ketch yo' sure unless yo' close yo' eyes,
Waitin' jes' outside de doo' to take yo' by surprise.
Bes' be keepin' shady,
Little colored lady.
Close yo' eyes in sleep.