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Posted By: GUEST,Uncle Jaque
01-Mar-08 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: Art's Politically Incorrect Songs - workshop
Subject: RE: Art's Politically Incorrect Songs
When we're doing Civil War reenactment, we have to be pretty careful of what we perform to who, and there are a lot of historical songs - particularly some of Steven Foster's - that we only play - at least in their entirety - to VERY select audiences!
At some of the major reenactments - like the one coming up this July in Gettysburg - some festive bunch will probably be gathered around a campfire in blackface doing an authentic period Minstrel show...
AFTER the public has all gone home! I'm here to tell ya; they are a hoot!

"Old Zip Coon", for example, is a catchy little minstrel tune and a natural for the banjo - but songs like that demand extreme social discretion!
One of the things that the Minstrels did was to caricature the ethnically distinctive dialect of the slave culture, which white people of the time found to be utterly and hysterically amusing.

Some folks just don't get it that we're trying to present "Living History" the way it WAS, not how the modern "enlightened" elite think that it ought to have been. Some of the "revisionist history" going on in public schools these days does, I opine, tremendous disservice to generations who have gone before us and have made America, for better or for worse, what we are today.