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Posted By: GUEST,Chicken Charlie
02-Mar-08 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: Art's Politically Incorrect Songs - workshop
Subject: RE: Art's Politically Incorrect Songs - workshop
Initially, I was just going to say that the initial definition of non-PC material was way broader than mine. All the outlaw ballads, for example, don't ring "non-PC" bells in my head. Maybe they are ethically challenged, yes, but that depends on (1)the circumstances and (2) the ending. From what I know of John Wesley Hardin, for example, he was pretty much an open-and-shut psychopathic SOB whom I would not invite home for dinner, and the Dylan song to me is a laugh, content wise, though I love it musically. On the other hand, if "Cole Younger" ends with

The robbing of the Northfield Bank
Is a deed I'll never deny,
But which I will be sorry of
Until the day I die,

then I've got to say that that is a "moral tale."

What I really want to say now, though, cues off Rapaire's last post.

I once did a couple rather formal debates on Civil War issues--Did the South have a right to secede? Was slavery the cause of the war? Stuff like that. I was a Union dude, and was opposed by two very well informed "Confederates," who were very articulate gents. After one debate, I heard an African-American woman in the audience say that she never understood the whole slavery thing completely until she heard my debate partner give the Southern viewpoint.

Unfortunately--and if I'm reading between the lines correctly, Rapaire is saying this too--it's difficult to find people willing and able to present the nitty-gritty of some of our past history. (I had another Civil War show cancelled because the local Moms Against Guns didn't want to see soldier re-enactors with weapons.) But to return to the main point, SOME (tho' not all) "politically incorrect" stuff can be made into a great teaching vehicle.

Chicken Charlie