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Posted By: Big Jim from Jackson
03-Mar-08 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
Subject: RE: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
To the step-son, grand daughter and all who are related to Shag or knew him well: I started this thread to find out what happened to someone I consider to be a fantasticly good performer. I am so glad to know what happened to him; it would have bothered me forever were it not for Mudcat and its members! I play Shag on occasions on my radio show which is on a small local public radio station in the middle of the USA (southeastern Missouri). My favorite album is the "Furzlin" album.
If any of the Carrot Crunchers would like to get in contact, I would like to hear from them, and if there are any albums they have I would be most interested in hearing them. If the Crunchers still continue with other personnel but play a similar style of music, I would like to hear from them as well.
I remain fascinated with his voice and his joke-telling personna, the latter a trait I share.
I extend to his family very belated but heart felt condolences with respect to his passing.