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Posted By: Jeri
03-Mar-08 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's Power of Song-PBS, Feb 27
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's Power of Song-PBS, Feb 27
Poppagator, I think you were making a pre-emptive anti-snob strike. I'm not sure which folk purists you're addressing, but from what I've seen they're overly fond of sneering.

They are idiots. I can understand not liking whiny diary-uh, but that's just bad music. It's not Ewan MacColl, Dick Gaughan, Allan Taylor, Woody, John Prine etc, etc, etc, and definitely not Pete.

He's a songwriter and he's a singer. He's no saint, but he's a hero to a lot of folks, and no matter how much someone dislikes that, it's not going to change. A friend of mine once told me, "Never meet your heroes. They'll always disappoint you." He was wrong. They only disappoint when you expect them to be gods: perfect, unblemished and never changing. I'm fascinated when people persevere and go on to become better than what people expect. I'll let others worship their gods with human faces, but Pete's sure worth my respect.

That load of opinion out for the way, the show airs here at 3AM and then (on another channel) next Sunday. I have a strange feeling I'm going to miss the 3AM one.