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Posted By: Mr Happy
04-Mar-08 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: Capoing: What Key?
Subject: Capoing: What Key?
When playing guitar, its either to accompany myself singing, or to complement others singing & playing.

I generally use a capo if I쳌fm singing, so as to have a pitch suitable for my voice on a particular song.

I also find it useful when playing with others to capo in a different place than them so as to create more harmonies/counter melodies.

I know the most of the keys I쳌fm playing in when capoed, but not all.

The ones I know & use frequently are:

2nd fret
G shapes = A
D shapes = E
C shapes = D

3rd fret
D shapes = F

5th fret
G shapes = C
D shapes = G
C shapes = F
A shapes = D

7th fret
G shapes = D
C shapes = G
D shapes = A
A shapes = C

Is there a chart or guide available to show all the capo positions plus the chord shapes which result in specific keys?

If not, can anyone tell me what the keys for all the possible capo position & shapes used are?